Monday, May 27, 2019

Plastic Mermaids - Suddenly Everybody Explodes

Every year it appears that a fringe outsider indie band makes a record that hurtles them from the margins into the mainstream. Last year it was Hookworms, this year it seems likely to be the Isle of Wight's Plastic Mermaids with their debut album, Suddenly Everybody Explodes, just out. It's a record of such vaulting psychedelic ambition that it seems likely to make some kind of splash.

Unfortunately I can't get behind it. I just don't like it really. The main comparison point seems to be Flaming Lips and that was a band I never really went for, they seemed to me to make one vast and empty gesture after another and  never really saw the need for a decent tune to couch them in.

Plastic Mermaids follow their lead in throwing huge shapes never mind the kitchen sink, but failing to touch me. Many of the songs here strike me as anthems in the making but though the record might shift and win the hearts of Q readers I find it all rather empty.

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