Monday, May 27, 2019

Song(s) of the Day # 1,953 Te Huhu

The kind of thing Cheech and Chong might be interested in listening to. Unashamed Stoner Rock from Te Huhu a partially long-haired  collective from Auckland, New Zealand. Hits from the bong, one and all, on their latest album Recychedelia. 

Opening track Strong Arm of the Law will be enough to catch their drift. Te Huhu lay out their wares and stick to their script. Laid back and utterly strung out in the way that Spacemen 3 and Brian Jonestown Massacre are, the band know what they like and are all intent on dotting all the 'i's and crossing all the 't''s that come with this particular rulebook.

The songs will seem longer than they actually are though that's no criticism. Te Huhu capture perfectly the sensation of a laid-back Friday afternoon at a friend's, passing a joint back and forth and choosing an appropriate selection of records as a soundtrack while you're doing so. If there's the cushioned, blurred paranoia that goes with these things, you know all along that you're in very safe hands.

Although it's perfectly clear where they're coming from, the heritage of this stuff, which stretches from Jefferson Airplane, The early Dead and Floyd to where we are now, the band are greatly adept at what they're doing and Recychedelia is a fine record. You might not trust Te Huhu to do your accounts but they're certainly in their element here.

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