Saturday, June 11, 2016

Song(s) of the Day # 874 Bird Nest Roys

From one of the most fertile music scenes of all, the Flying Nun set of independent, guitar driven groups of the eighties and nineties which is periodically revisited here. Bird Nest Roy's sound is a fairly typical Byrds inspired melodic swirl. Hailing from Auckland rather than Dunedin where most of the movement's most important bands hailed from, that slight geographical distance shows in the music and a slightly different mix of similar ingredients. They reached some small, inspired peaks.

Often dreamy, indie jangling, occasionally they turn slightly darker with echoes of Post Punk and the sound of the bleaker moments of The Clean and The Chills.Never really reinventing the wheel they have a nevertheless diverting sound. Recently re-released in the form of a Flying Nun compilation: Bird Nest Roys.

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