Sunday, June 26, 2016

Songs Heard on the Radio # 133 ELO

Now I don't really like this song, and it goes against my instincts to post something on here that I don't much care for. But there's the Nick Cave quote at the top of the page and this is a particular, definitive memory for me and always will be and it's just come blasting out at me from my radio. When this single came out in 1979, I was at secondary school. My name is Bruce and the chorus appears to go, 'Don't bring me down, Brrrruuuuccceee!' The greatest nerds and irritants in my school would cross the length of the playground at break time to chant this at me with happy abandon. It seemed to go on for months, if not years. So, more than thirty five years on I'd like to say, thanks a lot ELO!

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