Saturday, June 18, 2016

Vinyl Purchases # 25 The Rolling Stones

                                   June 18th 2016 Rock Bottom Records, Whitstable £9.00

A family Saturday in Whitstable, Kent and a wander down to the specialist record shop in the high street where I'd chanced upon The Left Banke first record round about this time last year. This time a Stones B Side album released in 1973 caught my eye. With the band during the Brian Jones era on the front turning their backs and on the back brandishing weapons and masks and looking mean.

Many great songs here; Child of the Moon, Surprise Surprise, Stoned and so on. The Stones being surly and dark and menacing and tossing stuff aside with some disdain. Some nice cherry picking of things not deemed quite good enough at the time. Oh and I also was delighted to but a five quid copy of Graham Parker's wonderful Squeezing Out Sparks which I hope to review on here at greater length further down the line.

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