Thursday, June 16, 2016

XTC - At the Manor

And to follow that up, here's a link to a BBC documentary about the recording of Towers of London for Black Sea in 1980. And here's the song that resulted.

'Every time I go to London. Go on a tubeway, or go across a bridge or something, I never think about what a nice scene or whatever. I always think about the people who put it up in the first place. I love the old Brunel-ly type pictures of people putting a railway together very clean lines, and a big clean stone, teethed in railway lines with the ultimate in technology puffing along it.  I find all that very exciting. But nobody seems to thing about all the people who did it. Imported navvies and nothing short of slightly paid slaves. So I thought I'd write a song with a bit of a dreamy feel to it. It ended up sounding rather sixties more than dreamy but still the sixties you can only remember in dream 'cos they're not here anymore. It's a kind of a dreamy, homage to the people who put it all up song...'

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