Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds

Kid Congo and his Pink Monkeys were wonderful, as I'd suspected they would be at The Cluny in Newcastle last night. I shook the great man's hand as he was tuning up and muttered something incomprehensible about Blondie's first album which I'd been listening to non-stop the previous couple of days. Sensibly, he completely ignored me. He was wearing a fur-lined cape, an ill fitting but splendid suit and a dramatically coloured shirt and tie. The stuff of legends though he's spent so much of his life playing support to great frontmen, namely Jeffry Lee Pierce, Lux Interior and Nick Cave. Frankly, given the calibre of these people it's understandable but he deserves his time in the spotlight even if he gets less media attention now than he did during his time in those bands.

I retreated to the bar and the friend and pint I'd left there but pretty soon the music led me to desert him to return to the front of the stage to bury myself in loud amplified noise. It's good to be in the company of people playing who understand the key to this kind of thing. Rootsy, raw, sexy and funny guitar driven Rock and Roll that makes you glad to be alive. That's what I got!

I'm looking up and God is saying 'What are you gonna do?' I'm looking up and I'm crying, 'I thought it was up to you.'
                                                                I also got this.

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