Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Allah-Las - Calico Review

It's interesting to see bands moving into what appears to be their 'imperial' phase. Such a thing seems to be happening to Allah-Las at the moment. Their new album Calico Review is due out on September 9th and they're already beginning to preview it very boldly on their band website. Marketing is a considerable Allah-Las strength, (the members once worked in record shops and the experience they picked up there shows), and they make the record seem incredibly appealing almost three months before we actually get to hear the whole thing.

Trailed by an excellent track Famous Phone Figure, it's abundantly clear what we're going to get. Souped-up, romantic sixties guitarmelodies, an imagined marriage between San Francisco's Beau Brummels and LA's Love, the West Coast living in eternal harmony. Song titles resonate, the vinyl version of the release is marble. When I reviewed their previous release Worship the Sun I said that you really only needed one Allah-Las album to stand for the whole. They may well prove me wrong here.

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