Friday, June 17, 2016

100 Mavericks # 60 Sky Saxon

Born Richard Marsh in Salt Lake City, Sky Saxon led The Seeds one of their very finest of all the mid-sixties American Garage Punk bands. The Seeds distilled everything that was great about that scene down to its most basic and thrilling ingredients. Bored, pissed off, frustrated, spaced out and vaguely paranoid. But most of all young. A simple, but quite timeless sound. Every song on their debut album sounds almost exactly like their hit single and signature tune Pushin' Too Hard. Except for the one posted below.

Marsh changed his name in tribute to Errol Flynn because he felt Sky Saxon had a similarly star-like allure. The Seeds lived the life, took drugs, pumped out singles and albums all drawing from the same template of shaken mania as if there were no tomorrow between '66 and '68 and then were gone. Saxon, joined a religious sect continued to make music under names such as Source, Yodship and YaHoWha 13 the line-ups of which featured the musicians Djin, Octavious and Sunflower Aquarian among others. He reformed and toured with The Seeds late in life.

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