Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Inside & Outside The Go-Betweens - Grant & I

This blog takes its name from a line in a song by Brisbane, Australia band The Go-Betweens, one of the very greatest groups of all. I've written plenty about them on here. It's great to see them being properly appreciated and documented all this time after their eighties peak as they didn't get the sales to go with the deserved and fulsome critical acclaim they did receive at that point in time.

Robert Forster, one half of the songwriting partnership that forged the band is acting as curator of their legacy, (following the premature passing of Grant McLennan, the other half), appropriately for a man whose first important song was one of unrequited love to a female librarian. The book above is to be released this September when I'm sure to write some more about it and them on here as soon as I have my sweaty paws on it!

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