Thursday, June 16, 2016

Andy Partridge Plans to Join the New York Dolls

Turning into a small XTC day. Here he is talking about the New York Dolls. Morrissey was not alone.

'I was a huge fan of the Dolls. So much so that you probably know that I penned a letter to actually join them.'

No, I don't remember that story.

'Oh, Yeah! I was such  a huge Dolls fan, around '73 or '74 when they first came out that I thought, 'Wow! This is the band I want to be in. And I actually wrote a letter - I never plucked up the guts to post it - and my pseudo-name was 'Lord Andrew English'. You know along with Syl Sylvain and Johnny Thunders and Killer Kane I was going to be Lord Andrew English!'

Instead of which he did this...

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