Monday, June 6, 2016

100 Mavericks # 71 Klaus Nomi

That's three in a row for Morrissey favourites on this particular series. He'll be coming up a bit further on down the line. I was once told, by a law undergraduate, in my first year at university that I looked just like Klaus Nomi. I was a bit disconcerted at the time as I didn't really know who Nomi was, knew it wasn't really meant as a compliment and felt at the time, rightly or wrongly that I actually rather resembled Bob Dylan, circa 1966. I've posted a picture of myself from round about that time below the Nomi clip and leave it to the jury to decide and hope Charlie, I think that was his name, (he was a nice fellow), is doing well with his legal career, All this time later I'm not that displeased because Klaus Nomi is just great. As with Saturday's 'maverick', Jobriath, Nomi's life was cut short through AIDS in the early eighties. Remember him this way.

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