Monday, April 12, 2021

Painted Shrines - Heaven and Holy


Painted Shrines new album Heaven and Holy is full of searing, melodic independent guitar. It also has yearning, wistful vocals. It's all rather winning. Most of all it has its own personality. That's always to be commended in these times when the great musical past is an open door and freely available to us all.

The band is yet another offshoot of Woods, one of the most generative American music family trees in recent years. Heaven and Holy surges on with admirable commitment to the cause. It jangles winningly on occasion and the songs are sufficiently individualised to demand you listen onwards.

It's a very good record. File next to Olden Yolk in the Thoughtful Nostalgic Romantic rack in your own mental record shop and write a note to self to return to this every few weeks over the coming months.

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