Monday, November 23, 2020

Song(s) of the Day # 2,498 Brad stank


Rather odd and rather nice album from earlier on this Brad stank's Kinky Om, by, you guessed it, Brad stank. And yes, that small letter at the beginning of his surnmane is correct.

How to describe it? Well I can't really. On first listen it's not entirely clear whether this record was made in LA or Peckham. It's a laidback cocktail lounge funk and hip hop melange. It's laidback as can be, but you also get the feeling that it might have been recorded in a squat.

In fact a little research and Brad proves to be a mellow, dope smoking Scouser. Anyhow, the record is a treat. Inventive, original and rather charming.Companion piece to Billy Nomates stunner from earlier this year. Good to see British Pop is still capable of surprises. Even if it's mostly coming at you from the margins.

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