Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Albums of The Year # 38 Emma Krupa - It Will Come Easier


There are some moments when you start listening to a new album and realise within seconds that it is purpose built for you and your constituency. That it was made by someone who grew up listening to the scriptures and essential texts of Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman, Vic Godard and Edwyn Collins. Who sees the world in that way and is absolutely not about to stray from that path for the course of the record whatever happens.

Such is the case with It Will Come Easier, the debut solo album, as far as I can see, from Emma Krupa, who has also featured previously in Mammoth Penguins and Standard Fare. This is a record that runs on indie oil. Taking that slightly askew way of looking at the world that refuses to conform to mainstream dictates and will never straighten its tie or tuck in its shirt. That prefers the wonky tooth in its mouth wonky, and is not planning to visit the orthodentist and get it fixed.

This is either a record that you will cast aside or else take to your heart instantly. It plays by certain rules and is aimed at certain hearts. The hearts of those that attend gigs in the small upstairs rooms of pubs or similar venues. For the kind of people who are not waiting for The Killers to turn up at the local enormo-arena. For those that still listen to Belle & Sebastian and Felt instead.

Kupa has worked often with Darren Hayman, most obviously during their time together in The Haynab Kupa. Hayman is another who considers Who Loves The Sun, Hospital, Ambition and Felicity to be among the highest forms of art ever conceived and produced. Well, they're not wrong are they. Every note of It Will Come Easier testifies to their ambling grace. It's sheer joy for true believers.

This time last year I was listening to Penelope Isles wonderful Until The Tide Creeps In and seeing them play one memorable evening. A year on as this strangest of all years draws  towards its close along comes Emma Kupa to occupy the place in my heart that the Isles did then. Another timely record and one for the end of year list.A record of small but specific charms.

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