Thursday, December 14, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,425 Last Leaves

There are more beautiful, heart-stopping moments on Last Leaves debut album from this year, Other Towns Than Ours, than most bands achieve in whole long careers. It's no wonder really as they're led by Marty Donald, formerly of Australians The Lucksmiths a band who went their separate ways in 2009. Now, following a hiatus, he's back, with a group supplemented by two other Lucksmiths among others.

Perhaps, if anything, Other Towns Than Ours overdoes the poignancy. But there's much here to treasure and admire. Donald certainly has the delicate sensitivity that I loved so much in the songs of Grant McLennan, Robert Forster and David McComb. The understanding that the greatest, most lovelorn literature and poetry was very much the stuff that could be appropriated in the cause of wonderful pop music. Last Leaves, draining the pool for you!

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