Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,339 Surfing Magazines

The Surfing Magazines are playing in a small but excellent Newcastle pub near to me this coming Sunday. If I have the energy, I'll go down and see them because on the basis of their fine, eponymous debut album, released a couple of weeks back, they should be well worth the effort.

Made up of members of Wave Pictures and Slow Club , they take their name from a Go Betweens song but sound little like them except for an occasional Forster tremble in the lead singer's delivery. They have a certain amount of Link Wray to their sound, a bit of that Bo Diddley beat, and I'm also minded of Crazy Horse sometimes in terms of the way their guitars speak to each other. At times they genuinely rock like you're in the company of early Stones, Yardbirds or Manfreds. They also have occasional, surprising sax and country-ish female backing vocals to fill out the mix.

Mostly, they're leftfield lo-fi indie, literary types with good record collections, wending their way to middle age and domesticity. Doing what they do for themselves and the small but loyal following who listen to BBC 6 Music and make a point of coming out on a Sunday night to experience and support this kind of thing before work beckons on Monday evening. Splendid! I'll report back.

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