Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thirty Days of C-86 # 12 The June Brides

'If the June Brides' single 'Every Conversation' was produced properly and put out on a major and plugged, it would be a number one, because that record is a classic pop song! It's a sin when a record like that sells only 700 copies.' Bobby Gillespie, NME, 1985

Ten years further on now. I'm in my first term at university and this stuff makes up a good part of my musical soundtrack.This isn't Every Conversation, but instead a single they put out in 1986 a year after they actually achieved an NME cover., (tellingly with their lead singer pictured standing at the back of the photo and pretty much out of focus). That lead singer, Phil Wilson, sings determinedly out of tune throughout this. But then that's the whole point.

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