Monday, January 16, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,093 The Molochs

The Molochs have a great little record, neatly entitled America's Velvet Glory, to welcome in the new year. The album is drenched with the sounds and sensibility of sixties Garage punk but is sufficiently infused with love of the tradition they're drawing on and understanding of its poetic yet snotty sensibility and rebellious spirit to be much more than mere pastiche.

In the words of leader Lucas Fitzsimons, ' We love 60's music and certain aesthetics about it. But a lot of our favourite music from the '70s up to the present day is by bands that were also heavily influenced by music from the 60s - Nikki Sudden & the Jacobites, The Clean from New Zealand, the Go-Betweens from Australia, the Only Ones from England.'

The Molochs themselves take on the role of 'go-betweens' on America's Velvet Glory. We're familiar with this stuff but there's more than sufficient songcraft, energy and driven love here to earn themselves a place at the table. Taking their name from Allen Ginsberg's Howl, which he used as a metaphor against capitalism and its unrelenting grip on the human spirit. Fitzsimons again: 'It was only over time that I realised how the concept of Moloch as seen through Ginsberg's eyes and also the film Metropolis really represents my views on the world and human culture, modern society. I wanted a really basic name, but I guess now it carries more of philosophical value. It feels more timeless in a way.'

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