Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Song(s) of the Day #1,108 The Frightnrs

One of the best albums of last year, and one I've just caught up with. Or perhaps one of the records of 1966 as it's an impeccable and loving recreation of the feel, pulse and soul of Jamaican  Rocksteady and ska, circa that time.Out of Queens, New York; The Frightnrs debut album Nothing More To Say.

It's frozen in time in a couple of ways in that it came out following the death of remarkable vocalist and driving inspiration Dan Klein of a debilitating neurodegenerative disease. Klein's singing is at the heart of everything going on. And the fact that he's no longer with us gives Nothing More To Say and added poignancy from its title downwards.

The production of the album replicates that spooky echo chamber quality of the songs and scene that clear give birth and driving reason to The Frightnrs. On the Daptone label, a home to like-minded souls, the whole exercise is lifted beyond the realms of mere pastiche by the sheer quality of everything on show here. They get it right in every way.


I've just posted four songs here but I could easily have put up the whole damned thing. The Frightnrs don't put a foot wrong for the eleven song course of the album. An absolute treat!

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