Sunday, January 15, 2017

Song(s) of the Day #1,092 The Flaming Lips

I haven't been a great fan of the Flaming Lips over the course of the last thirty years. Liking the occasional song and finding much of their other work sprawling and self-indulgent, (which of course it is, it's just a question of whether you go for these features of what they do as a listener). But I did have an enjoyable hour or so listening to their new album Oczy Mlody on Friday night.

The Lips are no longer a zeitgeist band as they were a decade or so back for a while, but seem perfectly content with this state of play.  Oczy Mlody is best heard at a sitting, (there's some kind of over-arching concept here but you're unlikely to have the foggiest notion what it might be), it gets increasingly more melodic as it goes on heading toward a finale which touches on transcendent beauty. Here are the two pre-release songs from the record. Nice to have something to set my list of albums of 2017 at this early stage. We geeks appreciate these kind of things.

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