Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Review

Like most people, I'm pretty glad to be getting out of January. Who needs that month. My favourite album thus far this year is Tim Cohen's Luck Man which strikes me as a keeper. A gentle, thoughtful midlife record, beautiful crafted and I get the feeling, offering further rewards with repeated listens. Another one I really liked was The Molochs' America's Velvet Glory which was an excellent assembly of the whole Garage Punk aesthetic. Wasn't personally so keen on the rock record the critics seemed to be pushing this month, The Japandroid,s Near to the Wild Heart of Life, but will give it further spins. Other albums I liked to a greater or lesser degree were Rose Ellinor Dougall's Stellular,  Courtney Marie Andrews' Honest Life, The Proper Ornaments, Foxhole and  Flaming Lips' Oczy Mlody and there are always bound to me more than a few that I missed and will catch up with later, there's no real earthly way of really keeping up nowadays. Anyway, onward to Spring!

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