Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thirty Days of C-86 # 10 Talulah Gosh

More thoughts on childhood. Here from the cusp of departure from it. Altogether now, 'You're my beatnik boy. You make me jump for joy...'! Ye,s it is a strange way for youths wavering on the verge of adulthood to carry on. Perhaps they don't want it to happen. Brighton's Talulah Gosh certainly wanted to stem a tide that ultimately cannot be stemmed. More than any other group from that era, they virtually wrote a manifesto and marched for the cause of remaining in a eternal, idealised childlike state. Partial leader of the band Amelia Fletcher has continued ever sense, followed the sensibility and determinedly fey resolve onward, over the course of almost three decades. She has also received an OBE for services rendered elsewhere in her nine to five, though some might argue that she deserved it for her work with Talulah Gosh instead. Sadly, they don't give out awards for this kind of achievement in the world we live in now. At least not yet.

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