Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Songs About People # 271 Sophia Loren

'Walking down the street with a sad face. Always complaining about the rat race...'

And from Talulah Gosh to the Rolling Stones. They were never likely to share a bill! This is a track that didn't make the final cut of Exile on Main Street, and it's difficult to understand why on earth it didn't because it would have fitted in just fine. It's got something of  the desperate feral prowl of Stray Cat Blues with dirty whorehouse piano and Jagger himself contributing a fine harmonica break. The lyric is also fluid and biting, ('the car you drive a rusty wreck. it's always you that pays the cheque, who said that life was warm and peachy')  aimed at someone whose life is clearly on the skids. So it's not clear why Sophia is name-checked in brackets in its title or documented what she might have thought about it.

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