Sunday, February 5, 2023

Song(s) of the Day # 3,293 The Waeve


Oh 2023. What a musical start. Barely into February and already at least 15 albums that have turned my head good and proper. So many I haven't got round to writing about. The new Robert Forster. As splendid and moving as you might expect. The Murder Capital. Billy Nomates. And John Cale, probably my favourite thus far. And now this.

The Waeve is a collaboration between Graham Coxon, of Blur of course and Rose Elinor Dougall. Their eponymous debut, released on Friday is certainly a concept. A weird and thrilling one. Futuristic, weird and fantastical. Like some fabulous dystopian novel by Ursula Le Guin. Or one of those truly out there Sci-Fi Seventies or Eighties films. Logan's Run, Rollerball, Tron.

Musically Coxon has upped his game. Even for him. The whole record has an electro-pulse reminiscent of Jane Weaver and there are squalls of early Roxy Music, Bowie and Fripp. The two harmonise in almost ecstatic bliss. It's really some record. 

Born, like so many great records of the last couple of years out of Lockdown. Necessity inspiring incredible imaginative invention. I listened through to this in increasing astonishment, at a single sitting yesterday. I'm doing so again, now as I complete this review. It's a quite wonderful record. Astonishing, playful and very, very more-ish.

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