Saturday, February 4, 2023

Song(s) of the Day # 3,292 Spice World


Another recommendation from Darren Jones and once again I'm hugely grateful. Spice World are yet another Australian DIY concern, That land mass has been a quite remarkable production line virtually ever since Courtney Barnett showed up on the block at the turn of the last decade.

Spice World work from a well worn and familiar template on There's no 'l' in Spice World, apparently their debut album. Raggedy guitars out of tune nasal vocals. Coy and cute. Not a mile away from Half Japanese, Dag and early Goon Sax with a more campfire edge.

All rather lovely and heart warming. In Friend of Mine particularly, they have an indie anthem that will endure. Clearly made by a group of people who really, really enjoy each others company and are altogether comfortable in their own skin and have no plans to grow up any time soon. 

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