Saturday, January 15, 2022

Song(s) of the Day # 2,911 Steph Green


For someone like me, trying to post new things that I like on a daily basis, the first three weeks of January are generally slim pickings. It takes a while for music to really pick up and get going after Christmas. So it's pleasing to come across stuff so early in 2022 that interests and excites me.

This is certainly one.Thanks For That, the debut album from New Orleans' Steph Green. It's woven from familiar materials. Built on vaguely jangly indie guitar, wan and slightly wistful, but this has enough regional nuance and individual character to maintain listening interest and actually intrigue even hardened listeners to this kind of thing. 

Green keeps you at arm's length like the very best literary Southern Belles.. Reminding me at various moments of Hope Sandoval , Margo Timmins and the kind of female vocalists who David Lynch is drawn to. You might question whether Thanks For That, is actually an album at all , at only seven, rather short tracks. But many records are rather long for my liking anyhow. This one gets here, says what it needs to and gets out.


  1. This is fantastic! Exactly my cup of tea. Great find, Bruce! I usually spend early January catching up on stuff from last year, or going back to things I didn't spend enough time with. One new album I have liked from last week was Naturale by Joe Kenkel. Leisurely, and rather nice.

  2. Many thanks Darren. Just came across it by chance. It is great isn't it. Thatnks for the Joe Kenkel tip. I'm on it and like it. Expect a post in a couple of days. I should really co-credit you on this.

  3. You do all the work, Bruce! I rather like the Trenton Burton album, too. You're on a roll. There is another you might like, though. Domestic Fantasy by Hook-Ups. It's the solo project of someone from Toner. 10 tracks in under 19 minutes, but doesn't sound like you'd expect it to. Again, rather lovely!

  4. I fact it's better than that. The Hook-Ups record is just terrific.