Wednesday, January 26, 2022

1982 Singles # 25 The Teardrop Explodes


Teardrop Explodes had almost run their short course. Too many egos. Far too many drugs. Two fine albums, the exuberant Kilimanjaro and the reflective comedown Wilder. Several fabulous singles which brightened up the charts and daytime radio. And of course, Julian Cope.

In 1982 they put out Tiny Children. Not something that sounded like a single in any respect, fabulous and other worldly as it was. It seemed to be about the pain of the loss of the innocence of childhood if anything, hardly the stuff of Top of the Pops. Radio One DJ Mike Reid latched ont it for some reason and for a brief moment it seemed as if the airplay he gave it might push it into the Top Forty. But it stalled at # 44. Anyway, it still sounds wonderful forty years on.

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