Tuesday, January 25, 2022

1982 Singles # 26 The Fall


The Fall were something of an anomoly in 1982. Almost alone among the great alternative groups of their era, they had absolutely no desire to have a hit single whatsoever. Ir woud take Brix joining them to belatedly turn their eyes in that direction. In the meantime they comtinued to plough their own dark furrow.

Marc Riley takes a more prominent role. I still feel his, Martin Bramah and Una Baines, influence were missed when Mark E. Smith seized control of the wheel once and for all shortly afterwards. A keyboard similarity n the initial to Trio's Da Da Da. A reference to Jea Paul Sartre. The Fall being characteristically eclectic. Look Now is one of their most disarming singles. Not a hit in the real world, but a hit here.

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