Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Song(s) of the Day # 2,922 Eve Adams


A couple of days ago, I was half heartedly listening to a new album, as is my wont when I stuck stock still in my tracks, It was halfway through You're Not Wrong, the second track from Metal Bird by Eve Adams. I thought, this is probably the best so I've heard this year. It's familiar stuff. Adams has a voice that is all anguished, doomed romance. The sound of the human heart breaking. Karen Dalton, Hope Sandoval, Country sirens like Patsy and Emmylou. All those David Lynch soundtracks.

The rest of Metal Bird is slightly less startling and  returns diminish. This is very, very well trodden terrain after all. Hey we've all seen Twin Peaks by now. Publicity pictures of Adams with her posing in front of classic fifties microphoes suggest she is being consciously and rather unimaginitively projected in this manner. Still, You're Not Wrong particularly brightened up my day. I couldn't find it to post it here, but it's worth tracking down and the rest of the record is well worth a listen too,

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