Thursday, January 13, 2022

1982 Singles # 38 Orange Juice


What Haircut 100, and to a lesser extend Altered Images wanted was to become Orange Juice but with proper hit singles. That band, had a very busy time in 1982. They had a highly significant pair of line up changes which changed their sound too. They released two records during the year. Bands did that on a regular basis still, back in those days. They were both really good but neither of them gained the full approval of either the music press or the general public for some reason.

They also became major label recording artists after having been Indie shooting stars. Perhaps this was their greatest crime. Not having had hit singles whilst on Postcard. The singles they put out in 1982 were uniformly excellent. They just didn't fully capture the zeitgeist which they had done in their initial years. Their actual hit, Rip It Up had to wait until 1983. This one fell just short of the Top Forty in 1982. It shouldn't have done so.

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