Tuesday, December 22, 2015

20 Old or Oldish Things I've Chanced Upon this Year!

Things from the past I've been pleased to have discovered or truly investigated for the first time this year! No particular order.

1. David Wiffen
2. Evie Sands
3. Look Blue Go Purple
4. Bridget St. John
5. Biff Rose
6. Compulsive Gamblers
7. Mystery Trend
8. The Exploding Hearts
9. Mary Queenie Lyons
10. John Prine
11. Dyke & the Blazers
12. Gal Costa
13. Judy Henske
                        14. The Turtles - Their final album Turtle Soup (as of yesterday!)
                                            15. The Make Up (properly investigated their wonderful back catalogue)
16. Brinsley Schwarz
17. Shocking Blue
18. The Holy Mackerel
19. David Blue
20. Archie Roach

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