Wednesday, December 23, 2015

100 Power Pop Songs Countdown # 15 -11

15. Blondie

'Walking the line. You were a marksman. Told me that law, like wine is ageless.'

So what have I learned about Power Pop from this experience? Really, that I don't like a lot of what is traditionally known as Power Pop but love what you can do with it by shoehorning into the category given a bit of license. Like this. Among Blondie's very best. Also watch the video and Chris Stein and Gary Valentine fighting over the camera's attention. Valentine left shortly thereafter.

14. Compulsive Gamblers

'And all your friends they say I'm bad...'

A late entry this one for which I had to eject Nick Lowe, but the man has broad shoulders and is related through marriage to Johnny Cash so why should he care?

13. Guided by Voices

'I'll climb up on the house. Weep to water the trees...'

Guided by Voices do pretty much whatever they like as well as anyone else. Power Pop is pretty much a piece of cake.

12. The Undertones

'Always running up the alley. Trying to get home. Or standing on the corner. Never alone.'

I don't care for Teenage Kicks. There I've said it. Do care for this mind!

11. Mikael Cronin

'No be bolder. Golden light for miles...'

The most modern take on this here. Builds and remarkably just keeps building.

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