Saturday, May 22, 2021

Reigning Sound - A Little More Time With Reigning Sound


On a day of splendid and varied new album releases yesterday, A Little More Time With Reigning Sound from erm... Reigning Sound was by no means back in the pack. It's always good to hear from this bunch. Good natured, enthusiastic Rock and Roll of the kind that very few seem capable of anymore.

This is no frills, good time music of the sort that used to flow out of bands like Creedence, Sir Douglas Quintet, The Turtles and Lovin' Spoonful like fine wine. Singer Greg Cartwright is clear designated captain here, but they're very much a band at the same time. An American Band. Probably the finest American Bar Band you've never seen.

A Little More Time With... barrels along with freewheeling, carefree momentum. It lacks pretentions of any kind and is armed with warm, earthy melodies. Most of all it's damned fined company. They're something you can rely on, like a good friend who always brightens your mood whenever you see them.

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