Sunday, August 2, 2020

50 Days of R.E.M.

So, the end to this particular one. On the band that still matters most to me and inevitably always will. Mostly, concentrated on their early records but with a Number One from probably my least favourite album of their's, Out Of Time.

  1. Losing My Religion
  2. Radio Free Europe
  3. Harborcoat
  4. Feeling Gravity's Pull
  5. So.Cental Rain
  6. Talk About The Passion
  7. Sweetness Follows
  8. Cuyahoga
  9. Sitting Still
  10. Man On The Moon
  11. 7  Chinese Brothers
  12. I Believe
  13. Carnival Of Sorts
  14. Try Not To Breathe
  15. Driver 8
  16. Find The River
  17. Fall On Me
  18. World Leader Pretend
  19. Pilgrimage
  20. Nightswimming
  21. Life & How To Live It
  22. Orange Crush
  23. E-Bow The Letter
  24. Perfect Circle
  25. Drive
  26. Gardening At Night
  27. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
  28. The Flowers Of Guatemala
  29. Maps & Legends
  30. Finest Worksong
  31. These Days
  32. Can't Get There From Here
  33. New Test Leper
  34. It's The End of the World (As We Know It And I Feel Fine)
  35. Get Up
  36. Green Grow The Rushes
  37. Exhuming McCarthy
  38. Begin The Begin
  39. Country Feedback
  40. Swan Swan H
  41. West Of The Fields
  42. Let Me In
  43. Wendell Gee
  44. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight
  45. You Are The Everything
  46. Letter Never Sent
  47. What's The Frequency Kenneth
  48. The One I Love
  49. Crazy
  50. Pretty Persuasion
So there you are. Fairly arbitrary and there's plenty more that might have made the cut. 1,000,000, Wolves Lower, Laughing, Moral Kiosk, Shaking Through, Second Guessing , Old Man Kensey. Kahoetek, Monty Got a Raw Deal, Electrolite and on and on. To prove what a relentless trainspotter I am, here's where they come from. 
  • Two from Chronic Town
  • Six from Murmur
  • Six from Reckoning
  • Seven from Fables
  • Seven from Pageant
  • One from Dead Letter Office
  • Four from Document
  • Four from Green
  • Two from Out Of Time
  • Seven from Automatic
  • Two from Monster
  • Two from New Adventures
  • None after that
Right, that's enough R.E.M. for a while. Onwards and upwards.

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