Saturday, November 17, 2018

Albums of the Year # 39 Whyte Horses - Empty Words

Rough Trade Shop's recommendations are generally a useful barometer to direct you to something new and interesting. Their Record of the Week currently is Empty Words, the mammoth second album from Manchester's Whyte Horses and they're quite right to push it forward. Whyte Horses are the brainchild of Dom Thomas, also co-founder of the classic re-issue label Finder's Keepers. Empty Words is an enveloping, fascinating record and a huge step forward from their debut, 2016's Pop or Not.

This is music made by people with a better record collection then you have but also know how to use them in a genuinely innovative and fresh way, no mean feat in 2018. Tracks here melt into one another in the most sublime and impressive ways. Naive female vocals on top of a dreamlike symphonic production. Sixteen tracks long, but easily and perhaps best experienced at a single sitting. I've done so twice up to now and will be back for more.

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