Thursday, November 22, 2018

Albums of the Year # 34 Rosali - Trouble Anyway

A late entry into my Albums of the Year tlist his one. It's Uncut Magazine record of the month in the current issue and those are people who know about these kind of things. Rosali is a Philadelphia based musician and this is her second solo album. It's situated musically somewhere between gently rocky and soft almost an amalgam of Patti Smith's much underrated final Seventies album Wave and Fleetwood Mac albums of the same vintage.

It almost fits in the Easy Listening category too because it's certainly easy to listen to, though this is not disparaging but intended as high compliment. The instrumentation is warm, considered and melodic, Rosali's voice intimate and emotive. the subject matter is matters of the heart, nine songs in all, each of them plowing a similar furrow. A welcome early Christmas present.

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