Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Song of the Day # 347 Courtney Barnett

So my song of this year actually came out last year. I haven't been able to stop going on about Courtney Barnett. I wish there was more of the kind of character, talent and wit she has out there. Noel Gallagher lamented a couple of weeks back that the UK doesn't produce any decent bands any more. I think he's onto something. We don't seem to have an interesting popular culture for them to feed on as exited previously. The same is not remotely true of either America or particularly Australia which seems to be just swimming in great bands. I look forward to Courtney's album at some point next year. I get the sense she'll just get bigger and bigger. There are almost a million hits on the YouTube video for this and the casual, uncommitted viewers are beginning to pass comment underneath. Spread the word!  Meanwhile, I head back North towards my record player.

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