Saturday, April 1, 2017

30 Days of Wes Anderson # 1 The Rolling Stones

Wes Anderson more than probably any other film-maker of the last two decades has popularised a certain kind of retro-chic musical, cinematic, literary and aesthetic taste. This chimes very much with the kind of thing I'm drawn to and in appreciation here are thirty songs from his films for April. To set off with a track that The Royal Tennenbaum's virtually recovered to popular consciousness, a fine example of the early Stones deft and very English balladry from Between the Buttons. Here's the tent scene between Margo and Richie where it features. For muso types who like this kind of discrepancy, (OK, trainspotters), it should be noted that the moment where She Smiled Sweetly clicks on to Ruby Tuesday in the scene this is actually a moment of disjoint. The latter song in fact precedes the former on the first side of the original American LP release, (where there's also another track on the running order between the two). 

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