Saturday, April 15, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,182 Stockard Channing

Certainly the first, but also the last song from Grease that I'll ever feature on this blog. OK, today is Grease day and then I promise I'll stop! I'm choosing this first because it's the best, most grown-up song in the whole thing, sung by the one true, (if-conflicted), adult character in it. That's Rizzo, played by the marvellous Stockard Channing, singing the only song on the soundtrack with genuine pathos, forsesight and pain. Everything else is lived in the moment. Well, they're teenagers! Strange that Rizzo's heartbreak should all be focused on Kenickie, who as all evidence put forward in the film suggests is a right schmuck. Maybe her real feelings are actually directed towards Danny Zucko instead, something which is also suggested more than a couple of times during the movie. Now that would make some sense of the anguish in this!

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