Sunday, April 23, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,190 The Jam

When I started this blog almost four years ago I wrote in its very first post that this was quite definitely not going to be a diary of any sort. Since then it actually has become something of one, in as much as I post on it every day. However, generally I just post music. Today though I'm getting on a train and going down to Norwich, a city in Norfolk where I spent my university years and haven't returned since I graduated in 1990. My time there was a particularly eventful time for me personally, (not unnaturally for that phase of your life). I've been having a series of indescribable thoughts, dreams and fluctuating emotions in the lead up to my journey back there over the last few days.

So to The Jam. Not that they meant very much to me at the time. They'd split and Paul Weller was going through a phase of his career, (with the Style Council, that really didn't appeal to me atg all ). So it's here for Strange Town though he was of course talking about London simply because I'm going back to what has become a strange town to me to wrestle with my memories and it seemed apt!

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