Sunday, April 16, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,183 Teddy Pendergrass

A couple of days ago I watch Paterson the latest film directed by Jim Jarmusch, which came out last year. It's a beautiful, sensitive movie about 'finding both life and art in the quotidian' moments which seem mundane but also capture why it's so great to be able to experience these almost inexpressible things. The main character, Paterson himself, goes to his local every evening sits at the bar and quietly watches life unfold around him. In one scene one of the regulars is dumped, and not for the first time by his girlfriend. He sits, disconsolate next to Paterson while this song plays on the bar's jukebox. It's a beautiful use of  music and how it speaks to our personal experience. The choice of this Teddy Pendergrass tune to soundtrack this moment is just perfection.

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