Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Song(s) of the Day # 1,116 Jess Williamson

It's difficult for me sometimes with new artists. Oh that sounds like Cat Power to me. Hmm is that Joanna Newsome. Angel Olsen. Mary Margaret O'Hara! Listening to Jess Williamson's latest album from last year Heart Song all of those thoughts came into my head and stayed there as I listened. Hey, I'm a fifty one year old geeky type who's spent a great portion of my life listening to music. It's going to happen.Frankly, it happens all the time.

I've little doubt that Williamson has listened to most of these artists and that they've made their mark But there's the point at which the artist you're listening to is either crushed by influence or transcends it. And on Heart Song, Williamson quite definitely does the latter.

As I listened through to her songs I let go of those preconceptions and surrendered to the beauty, the evident pain and the sheer thoughtfulness of her record. Another small but perfect spell to fall under! She's actually playing a gig in my home town tomorrow which I'll do my very best to get along to.

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