Monday, February 27, 2017

Things Found on My Local's Jukebox # 191 Rickie Lee Jones

Personally, I just hate machines. I don't empathise with them at all. Why should I? They work for me rather than me for them.  As for Rosie's !  On a rainy, wet blowy Monday evening at the end of February I was pretty much the only punter in the pub, with Ian the taciturn manger of the place. He was hoping for a quiet evening so he could sit and watch the football match in peace and quiet. I was struggling with the malfunctioning jukebox where every letter you selected, the jukebox chose the letter to the right of the one you'd pressed with the intent purpose of spoiling your chance of relaxation and enjoyment of the moment. Eventually, I put this one on and sat it next to Tom Waits Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night which seemed appropriate as the two of them went out together at a famous moment in both of their personal histories. A moment of  quiet humanity while the machines around us silently gathered strength.

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