Sunday, February 19, 2017

Song of the Day # 1,227 Dutch Uncles

                   Coming up to the end of February and good albums already piling up to post on here. This one, Red Balloon, the fifth album from Manchester's Dutch Uncles is definitely up there. I hadn't really listened to any of their previous stuff before coming upon this one on Friday.

It's not straightforward, either musically or lyrically. No clear shape to their songs in terms of verses and choruses or narrative that can be easily assimilated but that's to its credit. Influences are cerebral and arty. Steve Reich, (who I'm not familiar with), Kate Bush and Wire come to the fore with a bit of rudimentary research and listening. Immerse yourself in the record though and I hope the least you'll think is that it's interesting. They seem to be scientists in a laboratory as much as music and it's always refreshing to see a band taking this route.

Sometimes, when listening to new music I search for and appreciate the familiar, Dutch Uncles are more out there although this is still pop music of some description. In that respect I appreciate coming upon this. Not a band to sing along to as you do your house chores, but one to wonder why are they doing that as you listen to and one to come back to I imagine. Again and again. 

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