Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Heart of Rock and Soul # 753 The Everly Brothers

'Raised and trained for the Grand Ole Opry, the Everly Brothers never rebelled. They just added so much rhythm and blues to the mix that they outgrew the opry and its narrow world before they ever had the chance to appear on it. Retaining their nasal harmonies, they picked up from black pop the tendencies that make 'Heez a burd / He's a dawg.. Heez a burrrd dog' one of the most sly and comic routines this side of the Coasters. Bird Dog is probably the slightest song the Bryant's ever contributed to the Everlys but it's so funny, and the reprise of the Wake up Little Susie guitar licks so effervescent, that its lack of purpose becomes an active advantage.'

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