Thursday, December 8, 2016

Song of the Day # 1,054 Jonny Fritz

'Did you take a break from drinking. And find out you have no friends. Who aren't sad old broken hearted wasted losers in the end...'

Everybody's an alternative comedian nowadays. Even singer-songwriters. Johnny Fritz admirably has a blown up image of the top half of his head and his evidently receding hairline in the lower corner of his album for this year Sweet Creep. Best song on it is first track Are You Thirsty. A darkly comic song not a million miles away from the kind of sadly comic poetic territory that Courtney Barnett works in.

Fritz, raised in Virginia and seeped in classic Country also has a website that  its worth checking out. There you can find Jonny Fritz nudie cards, Jonny Fritz women swimming wallets, Jonny Fritz glow in the dark beakers and other essential purchases. Oh and having a song called Chihuahua Rescue on the record is also a good move.

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