Sunday, December 4, 2016

Albums of the Year # 22 Big Thief

'This place smells like piss and beer...'

Big Thief's album Masterpiece from earlier this year is the sound of the human heart breaking in twelve different ways. The soundtrack of downtrodden, downbeat, urban America where the combatants cling to each other in the wreckage of their dead end lives.

It's a skillful and wounded document of the ways that life can unwind, and for some inevitably does, not as you'd hoped or expected. Led by the splendidly bruised Frances Quinlan, this Brooklyn band will remind you of plenty else you'll recall fondly from your collection. For me personally it took me back to the early to mid nineties when they were plenty of bands charting this lonelyheart highway with no certain point of arrival. Always room for one more. Especially when it's all rendered as deftly as it is here.

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