Saturday, September 18, 2021

Albums of the Year # 99 Superstate (featuring Graham Coxon) - Superstate


Graham Coxon's latest project, he certainly keeps himself busy.You get the feeling that he and Damon are pretty much pleasing themselves nowadays and that's just as you'd want it. Superstate is the soundtrack to a graphic novel of short stories bearing the same name.

With concepts like this you shouldn't really be able to process the whole picture properly without the book it complements. That doesn't really matter here though it does picque my interest to track that down.. In the mean time though, Superstate works fine on its own.

As with Gorillaz Coxon uses this as an outlet to be more eclectic than he generally gets on hiis own records. Here you see him trying out his break down moves, getting funky along with more conventional fare. It's all a lot of fun.

At fifteen tracks this is probably too much to process at one sitting but I very much like what I hear. One of Britain's more enduring and consistently surprising talents.

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