Monday, June 3, 2013

# 2 The Associates - Sulk

There were kids at my school who wrote the names of bands they liked on their school bags and kids that didn't. I was in the latter category. I was a late starter and had no idea about Stiff Little Fingers, The Rezillos, Ruts DC, Spizz Energi, Killing Joke or Bauhaus.There was some kind of rites of passage thing going on in the playground that I'll never really understand. Dexys summed it up as well as anybody with a couple of songs as they transitioned from Geno to Come on Eileen.

It was a dangerous period to write the name of a band on your duffle bag because if you weren't careful that band would be on Top of the Pops on Thursday night and on the front of Smash Hits the week after next and you'd have to scrub it out and hope nobody had noticed.. Teardrops, Bunnymen, Human League, Adam and the Ants, Japan, Simple Minds, New Order all flooded into the mainstream. The strangest story of all was that of The Associates. Time to listen to Sulk.

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